11 Types of Graphic Design Jobs To Explore

Isshu Mittal
3 min readNov 16, 2021


Graphic Designing

For anyone looking to explore career options in the creative field, graphic design is an excellent option to consider. The industry has been witnessing a sharp rise in the demand for well trained graphic designers with multidisciplinary learning. Recruiters are always on the hunt for creative designers who can communicate well and have an understanding of their respective industry.

In the present world, graphic designers are not involved in only designing visual elements. They are also designing the communication strategies that help their clients to reach out to their target audience. So if you wish to make a successful career in graphic design, merely learning softwares and being creative with your designs is not going to be enough. You must also have some basic knowledge of multiple subject topics like history, communication, advertising, branding, etc. And to learn all that, it is important that you enrol yourself into a good institute for formal graphic designing education.

Here is a list of possible career options that you can pursue after a graphic designing course:

Web Designers

As the pandemic disrupted everyday lives, digital media took over. In the new normal, it is mainly through the websites that consumers experience the brand, and to make sure that websites provide the same quality of experience, retail businesses need web designers. Their job is to ensure that business websites are easy to navigate and functional and match the brand’s visual aesthetics.

UI/UX Design

User experience (UX) refers to the consumer’s experience while interacting with a business or product(s). It is the process by which the designer attempts to determine the experience. UX designers are involved in making a product useful, usable so that the consumers have a seamless experience. User Interface (UI) Design is a subset of UX design and focuses on the user’s visual experience and their interaction with the website or app’s interface.

Social Media Design

Graphic designers can also help businesses to build their unique identities on social media platforms and help them get noticed so that they can establish their place in the market. Everything that goes live on a brand’s social media page, from videos to photographs, is strategically designed to capture the consumer’s attention and deliver the brand’s message.

Advertisement Design

Advertisements are paid forms of interactions used to create and promote a brand’s image. With frequent repetitions of the organisation’s message, ads aim to establish the brand’s personality. Advertisements are essential to businesses that are trying to coordinate shopper conduct since it is a controlled and quantifiable technique for mass selling and correspondence.

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