Contact Centre Automation: Tools and Trends for the Decade Ahead

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Contact Centre Automation: Tools and Trends for the Decade Ahead

Contact center automation has been accelerating over the past few years. In addition, technological advancement in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing the customer care experiences and services. Therefore, it is crucial to determine which task to automate and turn to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Intelligent Automation in Contact Center

Contact centre automation aims to balance core service goals to improve customer experiences and the organization’s operational efficiency. To optimize the service for your customers and employees, you must know when to utilize human interactions from live agents and when to deploy virtual assistants service. Intelligent automation helps to reduce overall handle time and allows the contact center agents to handle more complex tasks. Automation helps to make better and quicker decisions.

Contact center automation tools are primarily used in the following ways:

  • Chatbots and Active Listening
  • Statistical Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning Neural Networks

Effective Contact Center Automation Implementation

Effective contact centers and automation help to balance the best of what humans and AI have to offer. Some of the examples are:

Customer Assist

The customer automatically gets connected to the records system via chatbots and voice assistants through the contact centre automation. It helps to remove communication barriers, speed up resolution and eliminate the human responsibility to resolve the issues. With contact center operations, customer support is available 24/7 hours.

Machine Learning Automation Models

Experts train AI about what interactions can be automated and what can be controlled by humans. It helps leverage contact center staff to focus on crucial tasks while maintaining the quality and tone of traditional interactions.

Associate Assist

AI and automation help associates by connecting them with the information in the system of record. It helps them to interpret information and access data in real-time. It enables them to serve the associates with the right information at the right time.

Contact Center Trends

Here are seven contact center trends that help to build resilient and future proof contact center operations:

  • Distribute your workforce
  • Continue remote operations
  • Prioritize digital-first
  • Expand CX self-service
  • Rethink security policies
  • Restart your sales engine
  • Build a new training program

These operations and technology trends are shaping employees and customer experience for 2021.

Benefits of Contact Center Automation

The AI-enhanced contact center provides numerous benefits, which include:

  • Unexpected issues are easily managed with automation.
  • AI helps to reduce the stress of employees so that they can focus on more critical issues.
  • Machine Learning and AI allow firms to find patterns more easily.
  • Contact center automation helps to eliminate repetitive tasks through automation.
  • Automation moves the focus from handle time, call per hour, and other operational KPI’s to the outcome-based metrics that depend on customer satisfaction, issue resolution, etc.
  • Contact center designed to operate quickly and accurately to enable fantastic customer services.

Various automation service providers are offering automation facilities to their customers. With the growing trend and demand for automation, the number of service providers is increasing as well. offers the best platform for customer satisfaction. Its contact center automation helps enterprises connect with customers without any hassle. With more than 700 enterprises trusting services globally, it is considered one of the fastest-growing virtual assistance companies. Contact center automation helps enhance the effectiveness and quality of the services while delivering a broad range of benefits to the customers. For complete call center automation details, you can check out the website!



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