Deciphering the Impact of AI on UI/UX Design

Isshu Mittal
2 min readOct 17, 2021

Whenever you browse through an online store and pop-ups cover your screen, the chances are that you would drop off and forget about whatever you were admiring on the website. When it comes to shopping online, user experience is as much of a deciding factor for customers as the product options, competitive prices, etc.

UX Design

Over the years, there have been an array of innovations to improve the shopper experience with the help of the latest technology. User experience design is one of the primary areas that have been impacted by such technologies. There have been some game-changing developments in the field that have helped create better interfaces that are making customer journeys seamless. One such game-changing move is the adoption of artificial intelligence technology, which brought about incredible possibilities and revamped the face of design.

Here is how AI is revolutionising the UI/UX design space:

First of all, AI technology is helping designers build better platforms by making the process much easier and taking away from the monotonous parts of the job. Most of the tasks can be completed by deploying AI-based algorithms, which, in turn, automates the process so that designers can pay attention to the intricacies of the project. This phenomenal technology can also help unlock a more customer-centric design. It also helps provide user insights, analyse heaps of data, and create a design that is hyper-personalised easily.

With AI technology, designers can stay one step ahead of the process by showing what the design will most likely look like once it’s completed, right from the beginning of the project. This enables the designer to plan accordingly without waiting to see if the end result would match the expectations. Based on this, they can then make changes accordingly.

AI also makes it very easy to run tests, analyse the results and come out with the errors that inform the designer of what changes are required. This saves a lot of future debugging efforts and makes for a smooth user experience throughout.

Most importantly, with the help of AI, designers can take their designs global but in a very hyper-localised manner. People have been increasingly focused on creating localised products and services to cater to the changing customer preferences. AI makes it very simple to achieve this and scale these designs to a global level.

Technology has greatly impacted the design space and is bringing new growth possibilities by the minute. If you aspire to be a part of this ever-evolving space, institutes like IIAD can become the gateway to your future. With their skill-based learning and technology education, you can sharpen your understanding of the design world and take your design skills to the next level.



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