Explore All The Courses Arts Students Can Pursue After Class 12

Isshu Mittal
3 min readMay 23, 2021

When it comes to picking out courses for graduation, arts and humanities students have some brilliant options to choose from. The arts and humanities stream shares an equal position as commerce and science streams both in terms of educational as well as professional opportunities. In the past few years, fashion and design courses have been rapidly gaining popularity amongst arts and humanities students who are looking to explore creative careers. Here is a list of the top fashion and design courses that have been continually attracting students’ interests:

Fashion Designing

Fashion designing courses

Like art, fashion too has become a medium of self-expression. Fashion designing can be explained as an art applied to creating clothes and accessories with respect to the historical, cultural and social influences and experiences of the consumers as well as designers.

The fashion industry has been attracting creative minds from all corners of the world. Fashion designing has become a competitive field that offers career opportunities not just locally but also internationally.

To become a successful fashion designer, one must be inherently creative and have a keen eye for fashion. It is also important for students to have a relatively good understanding of colours, textures, and fabrics. Anyone who possesses such qualities can go ahead and join a fashion designing course to help them harness these skills and learn how to use them to their advantage.

Interior Designing

Interior Designing

Interior design is another creative field that is attracting several students and can be perceived as a ‘trending’ career at the moment. The demand for professionally trained interior designers has also risen in the country with change in lifestyle and employment patterns, as more people invest larger amounts of capital into their living spaces.

With an interior designing courses, designers get access to skills and means that would enable them to turn their ideas into reality. They also gain an in-depth understanding of softwares used for planning, budgeting, etc., that can only come from a formal education of the discipline.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing

Graphic design can be viewed as the art of expressing experiences and ideas through a series of visuals. This visual content can be something as seemingly small and simple such as a logo, to something as complex as a website layout. Several corporations use communication and graphic designing as a means to promote themselves and establish brand identity (logos, packaging, collaterals), create print and online advertisements, social media content, website design, brochures, videos, etc.

Fashion, interior and graphic design are a few of the more prefered umbrella courses available in India. Students can also opt for specialised courses like accessory design, furniture design, video game design, etc.

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