Smartphones vs Cameras: Where Things Stand in 2022 and What’s to Come

Isshu Mittal
3 min readMar 21, 2022


We have observed over the years that smartphone cameras have gone from being a wonder to becoming the world’s most widespread medium to capture photographs. In 2021, we saw mid-range devices adopting features like astrophotography modes and 108MP cameras, flagship phones putting ultrawide cameras on almost equal ground with primary lenses, and more camera brands teaming up with manufacturers. Even Google updated its hardware to the Pixel 6 series after years of 12MP sensors. In addition, a slew of changes is coming in 2022 as smartphone manufacturers push the envelope. So what will drive this change? Let’s talk about that!

The mere number of photos taken via smartphones is one apparent result of their increasing overall market share. Initially, it wasn’t clear that this transition would happen so quickly, and it certainly caught many flat-footed camera designers. But in hindsight, it is plain to see what drove the rapid adoption of smartphones for photography.

How Smartphones Have Changed the Game

The first major aspect that helped make smartphones the medium of choice to take pictures for most people was simply that they became indispensable tools for daily life. With an increasing number of cases, it is difficult to tell the difference between a photo taken via a smartphone and one of the same settings captured via a full-frame camera. In addition, backing up all your photos to the cloud is super easy with a smartphone.

Furthermore, being connected to the internet, your phone can send photos you take to the cloud without you having to think about it. The picture quality has come a long way in such a short time, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Today’s best budget smartphones are better than many 5-year-old professional DSLR cameras.

What’s Next?

Finally, it all comes down to your expectations regarding flexibility with settings and lenses, image quality, and, ultimately, your photographic needs and purposes. The best camera smartphones are now more than good enough to produce beautiful images shared online and perhaps even printed in small sizes.

In the end, what triumphed hasn’t been a dual-device setup or the incorporation of smartphone functionality into camera bodies, but smartphones absorb an increasing amount of traditional camera technology. So if you want to take great photographs and share them on your blog or social media, a smartphone camera should give you everything you need. When buying a smartphone, just be sure that the camera is high quality. Look for these important features.

  • Overall picture quality
  • Low-light performance
  • High-end photo effects
  • Optical zoom
  • Variable aperture/lens feature
  • Ability to take HQ portraits on both rear and front-facing cameras

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