The 10 Most Important Specs When Choosing a Smartphone

Tecno Camon 15

Smartphones have become a dominant mobile device that is used all over the world. Our lives have become so dependent on this technology. From contacting people to buying stuff online or paying for the transaction, everything can be done by this modern gadget. With the smartphone, the purpose has gone beyond the basic necessities, i.e., texting or calling people. In today’s time, different models with unique features are being introduced in the competitive market. People usually prefer the best selfie camera phone, which has higher storage capacity, smooth functioning and many other exciting features.

Here is the list of the ten most essential specifications which people look for while buying a smartphone:

Battery Life

On average, the smartphone battery capacity can start from 1700 mAh and can go up to 6000 mAh. If you are not a person who uses heavy apps, then a 2000 mAh battery is usually enough for the day. But if you love to play games regularly or use lots of apps, you need a phone with higher battery life. Generally, people prefer phones with good battery life for their convenience.

Operating system

Whether you use android phones or iOs, each operating system has its benefits. Android gives more control to the users over the apps you prefer, whereas the iOs provides you with a centralized source for your apps. It depends upon the buyer whether they want the flexibility of android or the simplicity of apple.


Checking out for the best phone processor is essential as it helps to run the phone smoothly. More cores help to run more processors and functions smoothly, and the clock speed helps determine how fast your device can work.


Each app needs a bit of space to function. The more memory a smartphone has, the more apps you can install on your phone. People prefer smartphones with high RAM so that their phone can work properly in the long run.

Phone screen size

The phone screen size matters to a lot of people. A big screen helps to enhance the watching as well as gaming experience of the users. New smartphones are getting more prominent along with their screen size.

SD card storage

This is an exclusive feature of Android phones. A memory card is used in mobile phones to increase the space of the phone. It allows the user to store more files and download more apps regardless of the internal space.

USB file transfer

USB 3.0 is becoming very popular. It helps to transfer files from your mobile to some other device in just a few minutes, which is fantastic and time-saving.


Sensors like fingerprints, accelerometers, gyro meters and GPS are other essential features people prefer when buying a smartphone. These features are available in new smartphones as they attract lots of people.

Internet connections

Smartphones depend upon WiFi and mobile data. Various applications like Facebook, YouTube and different gaming apps require an internet connection. Not all smartphones have 4G LTE, which is becoming popular in today’s time.

Wireless connections

Bluetooth is significant to transfer the data or files from one phone to another. Moreover, it helps to remotely connect various devices like headphones, speakers with the smartphone.

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